CORI provides training courses for COI practitioners, legal representatives, refugee women, human rights activists, individuals and groups on;
  • Country of origin information and case research
  • Gender persecution and Violence Against Women
  • Child Focused COI research
  • Research and report writing skills
Courses are aimed at those involved in researching asylum and human rights cases including;
  • Legal Representatives
  • Asylum Seekers/Refugees
  • COI researchers
  • Support workers
  • Social workers
  • Detainee Visitors groups
  • Volunteers
  • Teachers
  • Health professionals
  • Women’s organisationsRefugee Community Organisations

COURSE: Gender and Country of Origin Information

Our training covers issues in researching human rights in countries of origin in relation to asylum and human rights
claims.  Country of Origin Information (COI) is used as ‘objective evidence' tohelp deterimine asylum and human rights applications.  COI refers to information about political, legal, cultural, economic, social and human rights conditions.

Our courses cover key human rights issues including gender related persecution.

The need

COI is a specialist area of research, resources specific to a client's circumstances and be difficult to locate, leading to time consuming and ineffective research.  Our courses offer skills and strategies in undertaking effective research for asylum and human rights claims, including information and handouts on research databases and source materials.

Women experience forms of persecution which are different to men, based on their gender, however researchers in the field often assume that the male experience is indicative of human rights conditions in a country of origin.

This generates a lack of reference to types of gender persecution and their impact on women in COI reports, making women’s asylum and human rights cases more difficult and time consuming to research. 

Who should attend?

Courses are aimed at those involved in researching women’s cases including; Legal Representatives, Asylum Seekers/Refugees, COI researchers, Support workers, Social workers, Detainee Visitors groups, Volunteers, Teachers, Health professionals, Women’s organisations and Refugee Community Organisations.

Our courses;

·      Explore how country of origin information is used within the refugee status determination process.

·      Develop research skills and strategies

·      Identify and examine ‘credible’ sources

·    Examine criteria for source assesment

·   Explore the need, challenges and consequences of research on human rights conditions for women in countries of origin

·    Examine what is meant by ‘gender persecution’ and how women’s experiences of persecution are different to men’s

·   Examine types of gender persecution, their impact on women, socio-cultural justifications and patriarchy

·    Examine legal protection available in theory and reality, and relevant international and national laws.

·  Example topics include; female genital mutilation, trafficking, rape and sexual violence, honour crimes, reproductive health and rights, sexual orientation, marriage, domestic violence

Our training uses practical exercises and case studies drawn from real experiences.  Courses can be adapted to

meet organisational needs.


Please contact us for more information on our training programme and outreach sessions, 0208 1444 655 or


Gender and Country of Origin Information: Course programme

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